The Community Low Income Centre (CLIC) is:

  • A community based volunteer organization
  • An incorporated non profit charitable organization
  • A provider of services based on income security, education and employment to low income individuals and families
  • An advocate for fair and equitable treatment of low income people in the community
  • An advocate for social policy which will help bring about the elimination of poverty
  • A catalyst for the development and implementation of programs which will benefit low income members of the community.

The Community Low Income Centre became a reality on January 6, 2003, and has since become proactive in assisting individuals and families throughout southeastern Saskatchewan, and advocating for social justice. It relies on donations from various sources, and has derived support from:

In June 2003 CLIC became incorporated as a non profit corporation in accordance with the Statutes of Saskatchewan It then applied for and received a registered charity number, and is able to issue charitable donation receipts for income tax purposes.

In June 2004 CLIC began its application to become a member of the Weyburn and District United Way, a membership which it has not yet succeeded in attaining, but will keep on applying for.

Drawing by Mr. Barry Styre